i'll give you the world

This old map has hung in the family home (which is no longer a place where I've actually "lived" as in "lived there") for as long as I can remember. My dad just loves old stuff; I tend to, also. I have my own quirky collections of things but his house is practically a museum. This map has been preserved for...a long, long time. Not sure how old it is. As my grandmother used to say - and as I find myself saying increasingly, to my dismay - "it's a different world."

It sure is, Grammy. Often I don't know what to make of it.


didn't we do this?

I dunno. I feel sure we did an "Up Close" week. Or maybe it's just me. I tend to want to get up close in a lot of shots, although my camera - which I'd always thought was decent - always gives me the shake warning (even on a tripod) and often shows junk in a preview. It doesn't handle poor light well, either, as will be forever evidenced by my lack of any photos of my son's "Celebration of Learning" - aka, 5th grade "graduation." Or any of his violin recitals (this term is far too lofty for what they really were.) Oh well.

I got close to this guy, though:

I know - ewwwww!

In keeping with the green theme, I got close to these, too, without disturbing (too many of) them:


 Kinda makes me wanna stick my tongue out and catch a drop - it looks so clean and fresh!



Soz. Slacking again. This week is "hot" and I'm kind of out of it and, well, it's not actually hot at the moment. No, I don't have a grill or one of those on-deck urban fire pit things. Yes, I'm tempted to put up a smokin' hot picture of myself, but I won't.

It was hot the day this was taken. Hence the utter joy of getting soaked over and over by the Tea Party log ride boat (I think that's what it's called) as it completed its splashdown.
Let's all get soaked in the water of liberty soon.




I just missed "weeds and flowers" week. Never too late. I have some. Well, I wasn't inspired to shoot pics of weeds, actually, but I did want some flowers :-)

No idea what these are; they're just pretty.

These I know: chive buds!

And this is a, uh, well it's a tree of some sort:


raw nature

OK, I kinda got busy with life. Or, lazy with life. I'd planned to cruelly mock the "raw nature touched by man" theme, because it sounds so artsy-fartsy presumptuous. I still plan to.

Belated mocking, begin.

Here is a piece of raw nature, touched by me. We take "man" in this case to be "humanity." I am touching it. Touching it, I say!!!

O Tannenbaum...ok, here's raw nature touched by man-made. I'm pretty sure "made in China" too.

I did not touch this or place it. I was hiking and this apple core, chomped by man, was sitting just like this. Snap! Here is a closer view:

Pretty sure those bite marks are human. We'll consult with CSI if necessary.

Again, I'm touching it!!!!!!!!

Here is a place where raw nature is always touched by man...

The picture of doggie doo on my shoe didn't really come out. Darn.


gimme some smack

I know someone who considers this food...I'll bet you do, too :-)

When I was a kid, we had a little variety store - and I mean little - at the end of our street. Big Hershey bars were, I believe, 15 cents. The stuff in this photo was truly penny candy. Times have changed.



These were colorful to snap; I'd never eat them, though. I kind of like the orange ones, but none of them like me!!!



Hey, it's food. I wouldn't eat it. Incidentally, neither would my cat...