Well, it could turn into a landscape. Someday. Without help from me, which would damage its potential, because my thumb ain't green.

Today is sort of a black day for me. Something happened five years ago that scarred me badly. I still feel like this dirt, dark and still lifeless. I've waited for something good to grow out of that day, and nothing ever has. And when the soil gets quiet, along comes something that claws it all up again.


my father's landscape

This week's theme is landscaping. Personally, I can't think of a more boring set of pictures to look at than landscaping shots. What a coffee table book that would make. And I know they exist. "Great Landscaping Ideas" is the sort of book only those who can afford to care about their landscaping - meaning, firstly, that they have a house with some sort of yard, and then either that they have gobs of cash or gobs of time (and talent) to attempt it themselves.

I have none of these things. Our condo has minimal landscaping cared for by some dude we pay.

My father is an artist. He went to Mass Art and has painted, sketched and carved all his life as an avocation. I feel he wishes he were a great artist, but doesn't have the talent or time left to become one. 

I save a lot of things. One thing I have saved away is a sketch he made of me when I was about eight years old or so, holding a chick. It's on terrible doodle pad paper, which was what I had, and I cherish it. He'll always be an artist to me.


missing springtime

I pretty much missed the entire week for the "springtime" theme. I often miss springtime itself, too, as it seems to be gone in the blink of an eye here in New England. One day you'll notice the damp, green smell of the earth, and the next day you're wondering where all the leaves suddenly came from.

they're coming

Yes, the posts are coming - I've been off because it's school vacation week and I can't get the photos to the computer unless it's some insanely late hour of the night (when I forget or am distracted) since someone is home and using it all the time.....it's almost over! I'll past-post some :-)


holly jolly

Catching up a little on notions. I have this box that goes under the bed - another legacy from Grammy - that's perfect for wrapping paper and ribbons and bows. It may have been designed for that purpose; I'm not sure. Lingerie would work too, if you were the type of person who had a lot of it, which I'm not.

Every year, after Christmas, I can't resist buying up wrapping paper and ribbons at huge discounts. I tell myself I don't need this stuff - I re-use all the ribbons (the ones the cat doesn't chew or ingest and puke up, that is) so I sort of have a surplus. Here's a small sampling.


a notion of the divine

I have a little altar in my bedroom; I'm a non-denominational Christian, but I love some of the images from Catholicism. Also represented is Buddhism (prayer wheel) and God's creation in a crown of hammered leaves. Oddly, there is a pair of baby's shoes next to Mary; I think they may have been my mother's. Then again, perhaps they belong there; I am never shattered so much by the power of God and his love as when I contemplate the miracle my son is. When he was born, I was aware that a new immortal soul had entered the room.

This might have been a more mysterious shot if I'd lit the incense bowl :-)



I have a floral box on the cedar chest at the foot of my bed - it's full of baubles and trinkets, a treasure trove for the girl I never had, or perhaps the girl I was.


touched by grammy

A year before my Grammy died I moved into her condo; she'd had a stroke and was in a nursing home.

It was still furnished and a bit strange at first - I kept finding things and finding things. All of her knitting needles and leftover yarn, never to be picked up again. A pair of unfinished baby booties.

An old tin of colored threads. Still here.


dem bones

I told ya I'd be lame this week, right? I'm sure I did. Although I did see a cool structure in Cambridge which I would have taken a picture of...if I hadn't been driving the car through pedestrian traffic at the time.

Meh. I think one person visits this blog anyway! It's mostly for me, but this week I've sorta let myself down.


yeah, that

So, the theme this week is apparently "structures." I have the feeling I won't be following it very well.

Yeah, I got nuthin'. LOL


it was all about me all along

Turns out this week's theme was self-portraits or somesuch.

So I'll finish up with me again, looking at you.


easter rocks!

Actually it was pretty quiet around here on this Easter Day. When my son was little, he collected rocks like so many kids. He painted and prettied some up, and they live in an egg carton. I still love them.


they are my own

My hands are small, I know,
But they're not yours; they are my own -
Not yours; they are my own
And I am never broken

We are never broken.
We are God's eyes
God's hands
We are reflections of God.

-"Hands" by Jewel