I just missed "weeds and flowers" week. Never too late. I have some. Well, I wasn't inspired to shoot pics of weeds, actually, but I did want some flowers :-)

No idea what these are; they're just pretty.

These I know: chive buds!

And this is a, uh, well it's a tree of some sort:


raw nature

OK, I kinda got busy with life. Or, lazy with life. I'd planned to cruelly mock the "raw nature touched by man" theme, because it sounds so artsy-fartsy presumptuous. I still plan to.

Belated mocking, begin.

Here is a piece of raw nature, touched by me. We take "man" in this case to be "humanity." I am touching it. Touching it, I say!!!

O Tannenbaum...ok, here's raw nature touched by man-made. I'm pretty sure "made in China" too.

I did not touch this or place it. I was hiking and this apple core, chomped by man, was sitting just like this. Snap! Here is a closer view:

Pretty sure those bite marks are human. We'll consult with CSI if necessary.

Again, I'm touching it!!!!!!!!

Here is a place where raw nature is always touched by man...

The picture of doggie doo on my shoe didn't really come out. Darn.


gimme some smack

I know someone who considers this food...I'll bet you do, too :-)

When I was a kid, we had a little variety store - and I mean little - at the end of our street. Big Hershey bars were, I believe, 15 cents. The stuff in this photo was truly penny candy. Times have changed.



These were colorful to snap; I'd never eat them, though. I kind of like the orange ones, but none of them like me!!!



Hey, it's food. I wouldn't eat it. Incidentally, neither would my cat...


nom nom

This week's theme is food; my son laughs, "but you never eat!" and he's got a point. So photographing food will be pretty staged.

I visited with my Dad for my birthday and he asked what I'd like to eat; wanting to please him and my brother, too (there's no pleasing Babs, so I don't even try...he'll eat rolls) I chose steak tips. On the grill. Mmmmmmmm.

I wish there had been leftovers :-) Oh, the peppers? Not my idea. Blech!


he's heard it all

Animals. Who says they can't be stuffed ones?

Capital C was given to me by my mom, Betty, as a Christmas gift when I was sixteen years old. If memory serves, she's the one who walked around holding him most of the day; he just fits nicely in the crook of your arm, riding your hip.

He's spent more nights in my bed and my arms than any man or child ever has, or probably ever will. He is the only one who saw my tears on my wedding night as I wept in the posh bathroom of the Ritz Carleton over the terrible mistake I'd made. He's absorbed so many tears, in fact, he should still be soggy.

He saw my son come into this world and take his first breath. He may see me take my last.

His seams are finally giving way and although he's still in my bed, he's out of my arms because last year he simply became too delicate.

He's almost Real now, don't you think?


no-no jo

No-No Jo came to our family from the MSPCA shelter in April of 2002; he was hiding under a blanket when I found him, but the one meow he gave was loud. I like loud, talkative cats (most of the time.)

He was so skittish he hid under Babs' bed for a few hours when I brought him home; when we moved in 2005 he hid under the basement stairs for at least a full day - I had to put his food and water there. He's always been timid - I am afraid someone else didn't like his loquacious nature - he talks a LOT and very loudly, too.

He's gotten more bold as he's aged: in the past year, he's wanted to sit in my lap (well, when the heated throw is on it) and lies on top of me in bed sometimes when I'm reading. When I sleep, he lies across a pillow of his own behind my head. He wants to go outside a little, when no one else is around - he's afraid of neighbors even if they're on their own deck minding their own business.

His name is No-No Jo because when Babs was three or so all the kids at daycare loved this book, "No, No Jo!" about a kitten named Jo who got into all sorts of trouble. Every other page the kids were yelling, "No, no Jo!" All the kids sort of thought that was the cat's name. Thus...well, you see. He is a great treasure.