raw nature

OK, I kinda got busy with life. Or, lazy with life. I'd planned to cruelly mock the "raw nature touched by man" theme, because it sounds so artsy-fartsy presumptuous. I still plan to.

Belated mocking, begin.

Here is a piece of raw nature, touched by me. We take "man" in this case to be "humanity." I am touching it. Touching it, I say!!!

O Tannenbaum...ok, here's raw nature touched by man-made. I'm pretty sure "made in China" too.

I did not touch this or place it. I was hiking and this apple core, chomped by man, was sitting just like this. Snap! Here is a closer view:

Pretty sure those bite marks are human. We'll consult with CSI if necessary.

Again, I'm touching it!!!!!!!!

Here is a place where raw nature is always touched by man...

The picture of doggie doo on my shoe didn't really come out. Darn.

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