I still don't know what the theme is this week, because no one seems to be updating and the permissions on the calendar aren't working. Well, fine. I'll just post what I want!

These fairy lights were sent from my friends while they ministered in Thailand. They come folded in on themselves, you pop them open, and then fit them over Christmas lights. I hung my string at the foot of my bed, up on the canopy rail. Having never seen my bedroom, my friends sent me a string of purple, green and light blue. My walls are a very light purple crocus, and the bed has a purple, green and white quilt on it. How perfect!


i should be doing more of this

There was a time in my life when I sat down every morning with this book and took notes. I went through the longest Psalm in the bible once, pen and coffee cup near to hand. It's one of the things I should get back to.



looking up (close)

So this counts as my non-literal "looking up" entry.

All I can think of is "boy, I knew my toes were fat but geeeeez!"


this week: looking up

OK, this week's theme is "Looking Up." I decided not to do anything fancy or clever for this one. I was in the tub wondering what to take a shot of, and...well, there ya have it.

Looking up from the bubbles.

(bubbles courtesy of LUSH, ahhhhh...!)


the eyes have it

It's the start of a new week, and I have no idea what the theme is. So here's looking at you, kids.

Better watch it. I've got 'em in the back of my head, too.


useless decor

Located in the lovely room I never spend time in.

Oops, I think I spy a stray pine needle from this year's Christmas tree. Should have Photoshopped that out. My bad.

Not pictured: cat hair all over everything.


cloves, thyme, cramp bark, and who knows?

It might be blue cohosh. I think it's "passed" at this point and should be replaced. I used to make herbal teas, and when I say "tea" I mean that loosely. I really mean "tastes like dirt" infusions of dried herbs and roots. Did they ever really help me? I don't know, but their bitter taste is somehow relaxing, the taste of "at least I tried."


it's growing on my wall

It's funny. When I bought this condo I decided to make the front room just what I wanted it to be: neutral tones, earthy, nice window treatment...I reupholstered the old pink couch to a soft, dark brown. Bought the throw pillows. Placed the ornate mirror.

Put up two of these twining wall lamps on each side of my large window. They look great.

I never go in there.


good enough to eat...or play with?

Shiny. Pretty. Round.

Every day is hard; taking pictures, that is. And getting to the right computer lol.

But imagine these rolling around happily and smile :-)


naturally exfoliating

It's soap.

It smells like cloves and oatmeal and almonds and probably something else, but I'm not sure what all got put into the pot.

I melted it up one day after the holidays and all the gritty bits settled to the bottom of the mold, which is the top of the soap. Kind of odd to use this, but it smells heaenly.


can it be done?

I didn't take this picture, but I wish I had. Maybe this year I'll be able to shoot something that moves me the way this photo does. It's not that it's such a "fabulous" photo; it's that it moves me deeply. That's my friend there, who helped deliver my son, and I believe I've known her since before we were born. We didn't meet each other for 18 or 19 years into my life, and we go years without seeing each other now, but it doesn't matter because we've always had all the time in the world.

Where is she going? Who or what is at the end of that incredible field? What is she thinking?

I want to take a picture that makes you wonder.