I have a floral box on the cedar chest at the foot of my bed - it's full of baubles and trinkets, a treasure trove for the girl I never had, or perhaps the girl I was.


  1. You have the ability to say so much with so little. I've been so touched with your last few posts, I can't even adequately express it.

  2. Awwww thanks! I've always gravitated toward poetry because it's "the best words in the best order" rather than just "words in their best order" - know what I mean? Condensed and distilled. I try not to ramble (I am loquacious enough in real life if I get started) and keep things simple. And I really do think of all this stuff.

    Why do I keep this box of trinkets anyway? It really isn't "just in case" there is something in there I need - it's kind of pretty and artistically displayed but that's not the reason either. I couldn't imagine tossing this junk. Most of the stuff in there evokes some response in me, not really strong ones but responses nonetheless. I guess *those* are what I can't part with.