my father's landscape

This week's theme is landscaping. Personally, I can't think of a more boring set of pictures to look at than landscaping shots. What a coffee table book that would make. And I know they exist. "Great Landscaping Ideas" is the sort of book only those who can afford to care about their landscaping - meaning, firstly, that they have a house with some sort of yard, and then either that they have gobs of cash or gobs of time (and talent) to attempt it themselves.

I have none of these things. Our condo has minimal landscaping cared for by some dude we pay.

My father is an artist. He went to Mass Art and has painted, sketched and carved all his life as an avocation. I feel he wishes he were a great artist, but doesn't have the talent or time left to become one. 

I save a lot of things. One thing I have saved away is a sketch he made of me when I was about eight years old or so, holding a chick. It's on terrible doodle pad paper, which was what I had, and I cherish it. He'll always be an artist to me.

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  1. This made me think so much of my "Grampa-Daddy." I was just a wee little thing when he passed on, but he was apparently a bit of a local legend with his art. I've heard so much about it and this is just the kind of image that comes to mind when I "remember" him. :)