Well, it could turn into a landscape. Someday. Without help from me, which would damage its potential, because my thumb ain't green.

Today is sort of a black day for me. Something happened five years ago that scarred me badly. I still feel like this dirt, dark and still lifeless. I've waited for something good to grow out of that day, and nothing ever has. And when the soil gets quiet, along comes something that claws it all up again.


  1. ::hugs::

    Count me on the "black thumb bench" as well.

  2. D'oh! I already used this pic...well, it works best here so I changed the other one.

    Yesterday was "date" anniversary; today is "day" anniversary. You know, as in it was *Friday* April 29th. My black Friday. It was a lovely day weather-wise, too, much like this one promises to be.