didn't we do this?

I dunno. I feel sure we did an "Up Close" week. Or maybe it's just me. I tend to want to get up close in a lot of shots, although my camera - which I'd always thought was decent - always gives me the shake warning (even on a tripod) and often shows junk in a preview. It doesn't handle poor light well, either, as will be forever evidenced by my lack of any photos of my son's "Celebration of Learning" - aka, 5th grade "graduation." Or any of his violin recitals (this term is far too lofty for what they really were.) Oh well.

I got close to this guy, though:

I know - ewwwww!

In keeping with the green theme, I got close to these, too, without disturbing (too many of) them:


 Kinda makes me wanna stick my tongue out and catch a drop - it looks so clean and fresh!

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