no-no jo

No-No Jo came to our family from the MSPCA shelter in April of 2002; he was hiding under a blanket when I found him, but the one meow he gave was loud. I like loud, talkative cats (most of the time.)

He was so skittish he hid under Babs' bed for a few hours when I brought him home; when we moved in 2005 he hid under the basement stairs for at least a full day - I had to put his food and water there. He's always been timid - I am afraid someone else didn't like his loquacious nature - he talks a LOT and very loudly, too.

He's gotten more bold as he's aged: in the past year, he's wanted to sit in my lap (well, when the heated throw is on it) and lies on top of me in bed sometimes when I'm reading. When I sleep, he lies across a pillow of his own behind my head. He wants to go outside a little, when no one else is around - he's afraid of neighbors even if they're on their own deck minding their own business.

His name is No-No Jo because when Babs was three or so all the kids at daycare loved this book, "No, No Jo!" about a kitten named Jo who got into all sorts of trouble. Every other page the kids were yelling, "No, no Jo!" All the kids sort of thought that was the cat's name. Thus...well, you see. He is a great treasure.


  1. Awwwwwwwwww!!!!!!! I'd squeeze all over him but that doesn't mix well with a skittish kitty. ("skitty?") LOVE the pic of him all curled up on that soft plushy bed! Wow!

  2. Yah he likes attention but on his own terms; not one for being held but he follows me like a dog and comes when I call. He likes to lie on odd things - bags, mostly - in this shot he's actually on the shearling inside of one of my jackets, which he took a liking to :-) This morning it was the green re-usable grocery bag.